Private college doesn't have to mean pricey. At Edgewood College, we are committed to making a high quality education affordable.
Families just like yours are affording an Edgewood College education.
We enroll students from

all economic backgrounds

Nearly 50%

Nearly half of our students come from households of less than $80,000.

How much does

Edgewood College Cost?

Cost of Edgewood College

Cost includes $29,500 for tuition and
$11,020 for room and board

2017-18 Comparison

2017-18 comparison
*The College Board

How much debt will I end up with?

You may have heard upsetting news reports of college graduates leaving with staggering amounts of debt.
But of the students at Edgewood College who borrow, the average federal student loan debt after all four years of school is:
How much debt?

In fact, 23% of Edgewood College students graduate with no debt at all! Last year, 98% of new freshmen received scholarships and/or grants—money that does not need to be repaid.

Still, how can I expect to repay that?

Our Grads are successful.

Edgewood College graduates are successful.
85% of Edgewood College graduates are employed
within one year of graduation.

Edgewood Grads pay back their loans.

Edgewood College graduates pay back their loans.
Compare the loan default rate among graduates.

What now?

Talk to us!

Talk to us! We’d love to speak with you about Edgewood College and our committment to making a quality education affordable.

Contact the Financial Aid Office/ Edgewood Central:
(608)663-4300 or (800) 444-4861 FREE ext. 4330

Info about

Financial Aid

Edgewood College has a comprehensive financial aid program. With merit-based scholarships for excellence in academics, leadership and fine arts and numerous awards available for families with need, we are often able to provide a financial aid package that is competitive with nearly every institution you may be considering.

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